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OMG!This ski trip to Sun Peaks was the best ever.
Not only did we have fresh powder but also groomed runs, no line ups, fantastic views of the mountains and a great group of people.
Restaurants and accommodations are tops.
Many thanks to Caroline, Mike, The Group and Larkin to make this such a successful experience.
Please sign us up for next year!
Ursula and Peter

Ursula B.   

Jim, Jack, Rick and myself would like to thank you for a great ski trip to Sun Peaks. We had a blast. Lots of fun, lots of good skiing and an excellent group with us on the trip. Everybody was very enthusiastic and friendly. The Delta Sun Peaks hotel was first class; the rooms excellent, the hot tubs outside on the roofs were oh so relaxing and the ski in/out arrangements just what we wanted. We were very happy to find as much snow as we did but based on comments from your ski associates who were there, it seems that quite a number of junior ski racing groups come to Sun Peaks each December just because the snow is consistently good at this time of the year. Thus one can commit to a ski trip in December to this resort with confidence. Pity we had to leave on Friday after another 17 cms of snow on Thursday night. Sun Peaks has it all to cater for every level of skier. Everything went according to plan. Thank you for all your organisation and attentiveness.. In summary, a top class ski trip with a heaps of laughs.

Malcolm H   

Being with Ski Bees is a great way to pass the winter and get out and enjoy, and avoid the winter blahs! Not only is it fun, but seeing and meeting new and old friends as well!  I have enjoyed Ski Bees for 7 years now, and would not miss it!  There are many qualified instructors to help you with all your needs, to enhance your skiing ability!  I have taken lessons, and not taken lessons.  Either way,  it sure has worked for me as I started as a novice skiier!   I love Ski Bees and friends so much, I have decided to join the Ski Bees offer of a trip to Europe this year.  Which I am sure will prove to be an exciting adventure!  Non of which I would have done on my own!!

Sandra D   

Joining Skibees was one of my best decisions ever! The organized bus trip eliminates the stress of driving. The people on the bus are friendly and fun loving. The lessons are taught in small class sizes with skilled instructors who are patient and encouraging. And the ski clubs that we ski at, are awesome!

Debbie V   

Super skiing with short or NO lift lines. Ski Bees is a mid-week mini holiday! Thanks Caroline!

Marg B   

it has been 5 years since I first joined skibees. Not one to be shy, I signed up as soon as I found out about it. I board the bus in Sunderland with 7 of my very best friends, a friendship that has grown thru skiing and now includes golf, girls weekends away and endless dinners out. We are affectionally known as the "Sunderland girls" and we do our best to liven up the bus. I not only get to enjoy great skiing, but also great food on the bus ride home. Winter for me flys by far too fast!!.

Lorrie H   

13 years of privileged skiing. It keeps my young and youthful. Thank you Ski Bees for the great program.

Neil B   

I am a new member this year at Ski Bees.  I was very impressed with the warm welcome I received not only from the other’s in my ski lesson, but also from the fun & friendly people on my bus!!  It’s been a great mini vacation each week, the fresh air, the exercise, improving my turns and meeting others who love to ski and socialize has been a delight!  I’m quite thankful to Ski Bee’s for doing such a great job organizing this!!   Thank You!

Jacqui D.   

Thanks to Ski Bees, I have a new best friend.   And thank you for making our Wednesdays a 'green dot/circle' in terms of ease of flexibility – one can take a bus (very social and lots of food!) or drive up.  One can free ski all day or take a 1/2 day or full day of lessons.  And we get to ski the best clubs in Collingwood.   With some of the most personable instructors and friend folk that come from all over southern Ontario. I swear that Caroline knows not only each one of us by name, but she knows our level of ability and our favourite instructors. A great way to enjoy a favourite activity, meet new friends and gather with 'old' ones.  Come take a mid-week break with SkiBees and you'll be glad you did.

Vicki H   

Ski Bees Wednesdays  are the highlight of the week for winter January  and February. All the  ski instructors and their  teachings    have helped me maintain and increase my confidence, improved my  technique, and helped me enjoy  the sport!!! In addition, all the fun and frolic on the bus  is not too be missed!!!

Pam M.   

I am fortunate that I have been able to join the Ski Bees two seasons ago, since then I find myself looking forward to the Wednesday morning relaxing bus ride with great anticipation. The opportunity to take a lesson each week has improved my skiing and introduced me to many new "Ski Bees friends" that are as interested in the sport as I am.The season always ends to quickly!

Ron R   

I joined Ski Bees 7 years ago with a very good friend of mine, who, like me, was a beginner skier.  Our families had taken up skiing the year before and we learned about skiing from our friends in the Holy Trinity School community who encouraged us to join.  My friend Isabel and I knew from the minute we stepped on the bus that January morning that Wednesdays would become our favorite day of the week for the winter.  We took ski lessons, first for a half day and then for a full day for four years with Tom Munns who pushed and prodded us down black diamond runs and turned us into level 5 skiers who can ski any black diamond run anywhere we go.  While getting to be a better skier, I made some great friends, laughed a lot and have some amazing memories that will last a lifetime.  SkiBees is a beautifully organized and well run organization and I am always encouraging friends to join - it is still one of my most favorite parts of winter and I hope to be a member for years to come.


Being a newbie empty-nester, I could finally join the Ski Bees! My first three weeks have been awesome. I have met some wonderful people and have experienced my "aha" moment during my ski lesson. My two instructors, Wendy and Kirsti are so knowledgeable and friendly and make you feel so welcome. My 80 year old friend who used to belong to Ski Bees told me that I will have one of the best times of my life as she did too. I look forward to many more years/decades of skiing with the club. Tobi

Tobi T.   

I am fortunate that I have been able to join the SkiBees two seasons ago,  since then I find myself looking forward to the Wednesday morning relaxing bus ride with great anticipation.  The opportunity to take a lesson each week has improved my skiing and introduced me to many new "SkiBee friends" that are as interested in the sport as I am.The season always ends to quickly!

Elena D   

A great way to spend your  winter Wednesdays – skiing at private clubs,  great instructors  & fun, fun, fun.

Joan W.