GUEST Policy

We welcome Ski Bees members to bring friends and family to join us on our ski days and to socials events, we do have some club policies regarding guests which are easily followed. 

Skiing guests will need to be comfortable on easy Blue terrain and able to ski from the top of a resort such as Blue Mountain or Mt. St. Louis happily and comfortably.

Will guests be required to sign a waiver?  Yes, all guests/participants/members must sign the waiver as a condition of registration and participation.

Click here to review the sample waiver: Waiver

Once you have reviewed the sample wavier and if you are in agreement,  continue on.

Guests are welcome to join us for Ontario Ski Days twice a ski season, there is a $30 + HST Adult Guest, $25 + HST Full Time Student Guest fee for each day they attend as a Guest, if they ride the bus it is $60 + HST,  in addition to the lift ticket purchase.  They are welcome to upgrade to a full membership with any guest fees paid during the current season being put towards the membership. Plus HST.

Destination Trips all require a full membership. 

Social Pub Nights do not require a Guest Temporary Membership, please indicate the number of guests on your RVSP so we have accurate numbers for reservations.

You are expected to ski with your guest(s) for the day, particularly if they are not familiar with the resort, terrain or conditions. Ensure that both you and your guest(s) ski terrain that is in line with yours and your guest(s) level of ability and experience. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests conduct while attending Ski Bees.

Guests may enjoy the facilities as our members do, however a guest may not drop into our ongoing group lessons.  If they would like to take a private lesson, it would need to be organized through the host clubs snow school a week in advance, availability will vary. 

If it's been many years, or if you are anxious and nervous, reverting to the snow plow to feel safe,  you may find the terrain you feel comfortable skiing to be limited at the resorts we go to.  We generally suggest that our members be comfortable on easy blue terrain and be able to safely navigate skiing down from the top of a ski hill such as Blue Mountain, or Mt. St Louis - Moonstone before joining Ski Bees.  Why? Glad you asked :) It's simply logistics as the learning centres and peripheral green runs are often closed on weekdays at the private clubs when we visit. 

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