Wednesday is Lesson Day 

Lesson Registration Click the link below, deadline is December 1

  • 5 Jan 2025
    Sun Peaks, British Columbia

Form Your Own Group if you have a group of friends wanting t be in the same class who ski a similar speed and are of a similar ability, then you can form your own group of 6-8 skiers.  On the Snow School registration form, there is a box to indicate who you would like to have in your class, please enter the names there. 

Private Lessons can be booked throughout the season based on availability predominantly on Thursdays.  Lessons need to be booked prior to the day of so we can bring in staff. 

1.5 hours $195+HST   Purchase of a lift ticket and guest fee if not a member is required. Semi Private $100+HST for each additional person, max 3 total. Gratuities not included.   Contact to book your lesson.

NOTE: Registration for Wednesday group lessons deadline is/was December 1, registrations received after this date will be waitlisted and every attempt will be made to accommodate as many as possible. Waitlisted members will be slotted into a class based on registration date, ability, and classmate requests. Private lessons can be booked throughout the season and are based on availability.

Skiing can be the ultimate experience, enjoying the feeling of creating some of your best tracks yet.  Being in a ski improvement group takes the worry out of not knowing where to go on a new ski slope, enjoy the feeling of belonging in a class, and having someone to share the experience with. Skiing with well travelled and experienced Ski Pro's can really help you prepare for a ski trip, learning tactics for varied terrain and snow conditions is a tremendous advantage in preparation for your ski holiday.

Do your legs become fatigued before the end of the day when friends are urging you to go for another? When we are tired and nervous, then we loose confidence, and with this the falls start happening. Our Pro's know the tips and tricks to minimize leg fatigue and have the experience needed in varying conditions to aid you in making small adjustments to your skiing that will go a long way in making the day go from difficult, to whooping it up.  Carefully selected to help coach our members so they can enjoy the slopes to the fullest. Snow conditions change constantly and it's so helpful to have strategies and knowledge to be able to modify your skiing to the snow. 

All our lessons offer the opportunity to make new acquaintances, enjoy informative ski tips, and a tour of the clubs terrain. 

Experienced and personable Level 4’s and Level 3’s, Course Conductors, Trainers, passionate teachers….Ski Bees has a great teaching team!!

Whether you’re an expert or intermediate, an avid skier or someone returning to skiing after a few years away, we have a program for you! Our  Instructors, with their student centred, guided discovery approach and passion for teaching, ensure you ski a ton and reach your goals! It’s a great way to meet skiers of similar abilities, while improving your skills. Our excellent pros “are the best” and are all highly regarded in our skiing community.

Questions and Answers

Q. Do I need to take lessons?

A. A lot has changed in the way we teach skiing these days. If you haven’t had a lesson in a while, you will love it. It’s also a  great way to meet other Ski Bees members who ski at your ability level and speed. These will become great ski friends to ski with after classes are finished.

Q. Who are the Instructors?

A. We personally recruit our Instructors based on their experience, qualifications and their passion for skiing and teaching. Wendy Webb and several of our Instructors are very involved in the local ski Industry. As course conductors teaching for the CSIA, we all stay up to date and pass on to our students the latest and best techniques in teaching & skiing.  Our pros are expert at listening to your goals and facilitating a program to help you to meet your goals so you can then have better ski-days and ski vacations utilizing what you've learned. 

Q. What if I have not experienced ski lessons in years?

A. Definitely consider taking our snow school option, as a lot has changed, both with equipment and the way we teach. Along with building your confidence it will also introduce you to others who ski at a similar level, if you are joining alone. Our instructors are very focused on what you as an individual need specifically in order to be comfortable and improve.

Q. What are the Ability Levels?  Which level am I?  How do I know?

We offer 4 different ability levels. If you are still not sure after reading this, simply text/call Wendy 705 212 2754 and she will help you decide your level. If, after your lesson you feel you need to be more challenged Or maybe take it at a slower pace we will make those adjustments for you immediately.

Intermediate Blue runs -SLOW  Slopes: Blue runs, mainly groomed, obviously some mixed conditions depending on the day. These skiers are usually slower parallel skiers who need more confidence. Turns are started in either a small wedge or wide track parallel depending on the terrain, conditions and confidence. A class for slower intermediate parallel skiers comfortable on blues.

Intermediate Blue runs -FAST  Slopes: All types of Blue runs. These skiers have confidence and speed on Blue runs and want to develop skills to adjust to the daily conditions and learn how to tackle more challenging runs when conditions are right.  A class for faster intermediate parallel skiers who are comfortable on blues.

Advanced Slopes: All Blue runs in mixed conditions & some Black runs that are groomed. For skiers who are comfortable on all blue runs and some black. Would like to improve skills so they can tackle black runs with confidence. Introducing various turn shapes and tactics for all conditions. This class is for strong parallel skiers.

Expert Slopes: All slopes & all conditions. Our top class. Dynamic parallel skiers. Comfortable all over the hill, but also looking to challenge themselves & improve technique in varying turn shapes, bumps, powder, hard packed and at higher speeds. This class is for expert parallel skiers.

Q. What if I end up in the wrong group?

A. We will organize a class based on the level you give us. Within all the 4 levels, there are usually 2 or 3 different classes….some groups are stronger, some are gentler and some are more aggressive. If you have a preference mark that down as well. We suggest that you take this lesson time to improve your own skills, and unless you are the same ability and speed as your friends, we suggest that you meet them afterwards, and not try to get into the same class as them. On the first morning/ afternoon your instructor will verbally try and make sure you are in the correct class before starting and throughout the lesson will gather feedback to make sure the class gels and that everyone is where THEY want or should be! As lessons are student centred, please communicate with your instructor. If we find it does not suit you we shall make changes to ensure that it is the best possible learning environment for you! OUR GOAL IS FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY, HAVE FUN AND IMPROVE YOUR SKIING!!

Q. What about Private Lessons?

A.These are available upon request providing we have staff available. Ski Bees provides primarily a group setting in our Snow School. We use low ratios of 6 members to 1 Instructor and you are with the same instructor for the 6 week Snow School program. We feel that there is a learning benefit to being in a small group setting of 6 members. However we understand that some people prefer private lessons and we will try to accommodate you if possible. Once instructors schedules are confirmed, Email Wendy for prices and availability once. 

If it's been many years, or if you are anxious or nervous, reverting to the snow plow to feel safe,  you may find the terrain you feel comfortable skiing to be limited at the resorts we ski at.  We generally suggest that our members be comfortable on easy blue terrain and be able to safely navigate skiing down from the top of a ski hill such as Blue Mountain, or Mt. St Louis - Moonstone, then you are good to go!.  Why? It's simply logistics as the learning centres and peripheral green runs are often closed on weekdays at the private clubs. 

Ski Bees Inc, RR#2, Flesherton, ON, N0C1E0   Text or call: (705)-212-2SKI or (705) 212 -2754  Email: