Frequently Asked Questions

Waiver FAQs

Q: Will I be required to sign a waiver?

A: Yes, all guests/participants/members must sign the waiver as a condition of registration and participation.

Click this link to review the Ski Bees waiver: Waiver

Click this link to sign the waiver: Ski Bees Waiver of Liability

Bussing FAQs

Q: Do I have to take the bus to join Ski Bees ?

A: More than 80% of the membership drive to Collingwood ski days, no you do not have to take the bus, drive ups are welcome to join.

Q: Is bussing included in the membership fee?

A: Bussing is not included in the membership fee, when you sign up and pay for your seat on the bus, it will be reserved for all six Wednesdays of the programs. 

Q: Where do I find more information on bussing?

A: The tab is located on the home page under JOIN on the main menu or click here

Guest FAQs

Guest information link

Q: Can I bring guests to Ski Days? 

 A: Guests are able to attend 2 times per season, after this they will be required to purchase a membership less guest fees already paid for the current season. Your guest is your responsibility.  Guest day fee for an adult is $30 + HST. for a student $25 +HST

Q: Can my guest participate in my ski lesson?

A: We are sorry but your guest cannot join your lesson.  Private lessons can be arranged with a few days notice. 

Q: Can my guest ride the bus with me?

A: Yes, if there is room, your guest can buy a ticket for the bus, they pay upon arrival at the ski hill. $60 + HST.  Contact Betty and/or Steven to inquire regarding availability. 

Q: What age guest can I bring?

A: As long as your guest is comfortable skiing from the top on easy blue runs, they are welcome to be your guest. Our skier ability policy also extends to guests. 

If it's been many years, or if you are anxious or nervous, reverting to the snow plow to feel safe,  you may find the terrain you feel comfortable skiing to be limited at the resorts we ski at.  We generally suggest that our members be comfortable on easy blue terrain and be able to safely navigate skiing down from the top of a ski hill such as Blue Mountain, or Mt. St Louis - Moonstone, then you are good to go! Why? It's simply logistics as the learning centres and peripheral green runs are often closed on weekdays at the private clubs. 

Destination Trip FAQs

Q: My friends would like to come on the trip, can they come as my guests?

A: Destination trips are exclusive for Ski Bees members. We have many members who join only for the trips, many don't live in Ontario. Yes, they need to join, membership is open for next season, they can join at any time. For new members joining now, renewal is Sept 15, 2024.

Q: How will I know when the trip is open for deposits?

A: Once final pricing confirmed, an email will go out with a members only link to view final details such as prices.  This email will also have the date when to Skican Payment portal will be open for deposits, which will confirm your place on the trip. Big White is open for deposits. Les Trois VallĂ©es is coming soon. 

Q: I am leaving to go on vacation, what if I miss the trip email?

A: We will send out the date and time of the trip payment portal opening in advance, it will be several days between the notification email and going live with registration.

Q: I am a solo traveller, can you help me to find a roomy?

A: Yes, there is a good chance of finding a roomy. Indicate that you are looking for a roomy and we will connect you, it is up to you to sort out compatibility. Currently we have one male looking for a roomy.  

Q: The Big White trip only has single queen beds, I am travelling with a roomy, how does this work?

A: There is a queen sized Murphy bed with the same mattress in the rooms, we are told they are as comfortable as the queen bed. 

Q: How quickly do trips sell out?

A: Domestic trips fill more slowly than Europe, however they do often sell out.  Europe often sells out the same day it is released. 

Q: We are interested in using our AirMiles toward this trip.  Can you please advise as to how and when this is done?

A: If you plan to use points you will need to book your flight on your own and then when you are registering on the Skican website please select “Land Only” as your flight option – you will then get the deduction for no flights in your package.

Q: We were interested in the "cancel for any reason" but it was not an option on the site. Do you have any insights on this?  

A: Allianz recently changed their product offering. “Cancel for any reason” has been changed to “Cancel Anytime for an Unforeseen Reason”. I’ve attached a PDF flyer with info on that.  The main difference is that with the old CFAR you had to cancel within 7 days of departure, with this new one you can cancel same day.  There are now limitations on “reasons” to cancel though.

Q: Can we book the trip through the Ski Can website and add the insurance after the quote comes in?  Is there a time frame for adding insurance? 

A: You can purchase insurance any time before your trip however if you wish to purchase the Cancel Anytime for an Unforeseen Reason, you must purchase within 14 days of your deposit. You will definitely get your quote well before that.

Ski Bees - Wild Apricot Phone App FAQs

Q: Where do I find the app?

A: In the email you received once your membership was approved are links and instructions. Links to the app are also in the footer of every newsletter.

Q: What does the App look like on my phone?

A: This is the icon "Wild Apricot for members" 

Q: How do I open the app?

A: Once the app is loaded in your phone, use your Ski Bees user name and password. It is linked to the account you signed up for Ski Bees with. 

Ski Canada Magazine Perk

Q: How do I opt in/register?

A: Simply click and register/opt in here: Ski Canada Magazine

Q: What does it cost?

A: Your four magazine subscription is compliments of Ski Bees, we pay the subscription fees. 

Invoice and Payments FAQs

Q: How can I pay for my lift ticket if I choose to purchase at the resort?

A: Pre-purchased tickets are done via the phone app or website and can be done on the same day. If you would like to pay cash or use the Square Pay upon arrival you may do so. Ticket prices are posted in the weekly newsletter and also found in the events on the phone app.

Q: Can I pay via email transfer?

A: Yes. Please email transfer with a reference in the notes section as to an invoice # or name.

Q: Can I pay by cheque?

A: Yes. Please mail cheques to:   Ski Bees, Steven Green, RR#2 Flesherton, N0C1E0

Q: Where do I find my Invoices and Payments?

Q: How do I renew my membership?

A: Please see the screenshots below... we recommend you use a computer. 








If your computer is not co-operating, you are welcome to call us and renew over the phone!

Ski Bees Inc, RR#2, Flesherton, ON, N0C1E0   Text or call: (705)-212-2SKI or (705) 212 -2754  Email: