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Celebrating our 51st winter in 2024 Ski Bees members enjoy high quality skiing at Collingwood's unique private ski clubs.  Ski Bees also offers our members great destination ski trips each winter. Ski Bees members benefit from an excellent Snow School staffed by our talented roster of Level 3 and 4 CSIA instructors. This is one of the few Snow Schools in North America where members who are not ski instructors themselves can access this level of instruction. Ski Bees is an economical way to escape the busy lift lines at the public resorts and truly enjoy better grooming, snow conditions, and fewer lift lines while getting good value for your dollar.  

Meet the three co-owners of Ski Bees


Roles: Snow School Director, Membership, Apr├Ęs Ski, Trips, Ski Pro, Photos


2024 North American ARC Technical Skiing Championships Champion Women 60+

Starting out in the days of wooden planks, leather boots, and spread eagles, Wendy is an avid life long skier. Her first ski hill to call home was Bethany Ski Club where she raced on the Nancy Greene ski team. Her family later joined Beaver Valley Ski Club in 1976 and she remains a member along with partner Steven. After years at University Wendy went on to pursue a 45 year career in skiing via the University of Whistler aka ski bum. 

While living the dream, she became accomplished in the ski industry and ski resort management, indoor operations, snow school management, ski weeks, sales, events, group holidays, school and corporate groups, group sales liaison.  Always a Ski Pro then a CSIA Course Conductor, she is rumored to have conducted more CSIA level one courses than anyone in Canada. Well awarded with industry leadership recognition awards over the decades, never ending self improvement is a lifelong quest. Not shy of hard work, a seven day a week ski passion is topped off by helping to care for the family's 9 horses on the Grey County farm near the Beaver Valley Ski Club. 

Having skied with Ski Bees since 2007, being an owner is the culmination of her career and enables her to further spread the passion of skiing through her favourite ski club. During the winter, when she isn’t at her home office organizing on the computer you can find Wendy on the snow. Always happy to share a chairlift ride with members and toast the day at the Apres Ski. Long live the spread eagle.

Steven Green BHA, MBA, PMP

Roles: Finances, Administration, Busses, Trip Planning

steven@skibees.ca  Linkedin Profile

Steven’s primary role at Ski Bees is as Chief Financial Officer and he takes every opportunity to attend the weekly Ski Bees ski days at the private clubs as well as the Ski Bees destination trips. With his prior experience traveling to more than 30 countries, as part of an international air ambulance medical team, we are glad to have him on the trips.

Steven’s first experience as a skier was at the age of 13 when he emigrated to Canada from England and landed a job working in a local London ski shop. His first set of skis, Kneisel White Stars, and sporting a pair of Levis to complete his look, he was hooked and he continued skiing each winter up to the age of 25. Following a lengthy hiatus he rediscovered his passion for skiing in 2015.  Steven is a certified CSIA Level 1 and in alignment with his philosophy of lifelong learning he is presently working towards his CSIA Level 2 certification.  Steven has also been a member at Beaver Valley Ski Club for several years.

Steven is a business leader with extensive experience leading operations, projects and teams. Steven is presently on the Executive of the Board of Directors of Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) Ontario and is also on the Executive of the Board of Directors for Brightshores Health System (formerly Grey Bruce Health Services).  Steven is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for an Electronic Health Record software company and recently completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in addition to previously graduating with an undergraduate degree in Health Administration (BHA). Steven also practiced for several years as a Respiratory Therapist.

In his “spare time” Steven takes care of the farm property maintenance, he helps look after the 9 horses and he trains for, and competes, in Horse Endurance competitions. He is also an avid road cyclist (the Beaver Valley has some great hills to climb) and an avid advanced open water scuba diver.

Emma Webb

Roles: Swag, Queen of Lift Tickets


Emma started skiing before the age of 2 and her passion for skiing continued to grow while spending years in ski lessons and eventually evolved into her teaching and helping to organize children's ski programs.  Ski Bees have been an integral part of Emma’s winter and any mid week school snow days were spent on the slopes with Ski Bees. Emma’s involvement with Ski Bees now comprises all four seasons. 

Emma has grown up in the ski industry seeing all aspects of ski operations including, administrative, snow school, and also the “off season” which is when the bulk of the winter ski season planning takes place. In reflection, the years spent growing up in various ski resort offices was early training for becoming a co-owner of Ski Bees. Emma’s personal ski goal is pursuing her level 3 CSIA.

Emma felt the desire to get back to skiing after attending 4 years at the University of Western Ontario and headed West to Big White to teach skiing for a winter. It was an incredible experience and she surpassed the family consecutive ski days record with 109 days straight on snow.  When given the chance to choose a trip destination, Big White was at the top of her list. With Big White’s variety of  terrain, there's something for everyone to have a great time. 

When returning from the West she stopped in at her old summer job at a bakery, and she hasn’t left. She simply loves the tantalizing aromas of the bakery, working with her hands, the warmth of the baking ovens, and the team she works with. BlackBird Pie Company located in Heathcote is a very busy artisan bakery where Emma is the lead baker, people driving for miles to buy the pies, butter tarts and other yummy treats they produce. 

In the non-ski season you can find Emma on one of her many horses. Mainly competing in Endurance 80/120/160 km races, her best year was 2014 when she was ranked 9th in the world FEIYR although she will tell you everyday spent on a horse is a great day.  She also enjoys cross training in other disciplines (Eventing, Dressage, Jumping, Horsemanship) which helps to keep the training well rounded for her and the horses.

On ski days Emma enjoys seeing all of the members for ticket pick up and purchase, tech support and generally ensuring the ski day runs smoothly. In the afternoons she will be on the slopes with her CARV turned on and ready for some friendly rivalry. 

Emma is looking forward to seeing the Ski Bees swag out there. Carve it up.

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