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Diversity Inclusion and Equity Policy

General Policy Statement

The Ski Bees Family is inclusive, diverse, opinionated, principled, and passionate. Our individual values may never align perfectly, but they always point in the same direction. We respect and embrace our differences and celebrate our shared values. We are committed to addressing and implementing practices, processes that help ensure that we have an environment supportive of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


“Ski Bees” means Ski Bees Inc.

“Member” means any current/past Ski Bees Member.

“Guest” means any person participating in a Ski Bees activity who is not a Member, but invited to participate at the request of a Member.

“Ski Instructor” means any person providing ski instruction to Ski Bees Members or Guests on behalf of Ski Bees.


Ski Bees promotes and is committed to a culture of belonging, respect and inclusion throughout the Organization.

Ski Bees is committed to an environment that is supportive of diversity, equity, and inclusion and is committed to working towards short and long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

This policy applies to all Ski Bees members, ski instructors and guests.


Ski Bees will:

  • Foster a culture that embraces equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging;

  • Identify and address any biases, assumptions, mistreatment, and stereotypes that impede a supportive environment;

  • Encourage the learning, implementation, and actions demonstrating respect and inclusion for all;

  • Assess all communication materials for bias and revise as necessary;

  • Encourage the use of pronouns, use of true names, and expression of gender identity.

Policy Enforcement

Policy violations will be addressed by Ski Bees Management.

Ski Bees Inc, RR#2, Flesherton, ON, N0C1E0   Text or call: (705)-212-2SKI or (705) 212 -2754  Email: admin@skibees.ca